Saturday, January 01, 2005


To usher in this year, I participated in a local fireworks display. The crowd enjoyed flaming views of sometimes colorful, sometimes noisy, and oftentimes airborne natures. My particular joy was in setting fireworks to detonate in sequence.
But perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of the event was the inherent danger of allowing humans to participate in technical aspects of fire. In this case, not only humans (dangerous enough) but juvenille humans, some as young as 13 years.
One such individual, designation Shell-Bee, allowed a '007' firecracker (otherwise known as the dreaded "Chicken Killer") to detonate in his hand.
All other tragedies were averted (barely) and no actual loss of life was suffered.

The countdown to 2005 was delegated to myself...

"All right, folks, we have exactly 5 seconds before the countdown begins..." [wave of giggles passes through human females in audience]

...but, as no two watches present agreed, there were many unofficial countdowns throughout the night.

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