Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Price War

Living where I do (Texas) I very seldom see snow (though I'm told Amarillo gets it yearly). In fact, until this year, I have seen enough to make a single snowball only three times in my entire life.
On 25 December of last year I was on the road in South Texas, however, (yes, South) and I happened upon 4 inches of lovely Christmas Day snow. It was the first time for snow to fall in the region in over 100 years, I'm told. Needless to say, I stopped and built a snowman for the first time. Kiwi for eyes, carrots for nose and mouth, apple slices for ears . . .

It has now come to my attention that on that same day, December 25, some enterprising individual posted on eBay a container of that history making snow. The asking price? $0.99.

It only took three days for another South Texan to respond to this seller's absurd and ridiculous asking price of a dollar with his own, more reasonable sale. For his vessel of Texan snow he asks only $250,000.00.
Please note, however, what his 'Item Description' says: "A percentage of the proceeds from this sale will go to charities throughout the South TX area."

Oh, and below he has has since added: "WARNING In response to hostile email through the “Ask Seller a Question” feature: These emails will not be tolerated, and will be forwarded to the eBay safe harbor team as inappropriate. Do not waste my time or server space with childish comments. Thank you."

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