Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Back to the HOUSE

Hugh Laurie has always been a great actor relegated to insignificant roles. Especially here in the Colonies. So, when he got his own TV show I wasn’t sure what to expect. It looked good, though.

Season One of “House, M.D.” was a great enjoyment to me. It chronicles nephrologist/infectious-disease-guy Dr. Gregory House and his over-qualified young staff as they hunt down obscure ailments. “Saving New Jersey from leprosy,” as one detractor put it (Chi McBride as worthy villain Vogler).

Good concept. Better execution.

House is a seemingly misanthropic doctor who will do anything to help people while adequately hacking them off.
His team consists of ‘the sweet girl,’ ‘the preppy,’ and a less abrasive version of the brilliant House himself: a med school graduate with perfect scores who was hired for his criminal record instead.
House’s best friend is an oncologist with some veiled marital problems and his boss is Miss By-The-Numbers who is hated for making him do free clinic work--where he has to deal with patients.

That walk-in clinic duty provides the dexterous comic-relief to the sometimes nauseating main storyline. It, the character’s staggered back-stories, and the occasionally shocking diseases, make up a fairly satisfying formula episode after episode.

That’s Season One.
We are now in Season Two.

For all of this new season I’ve been filming a class entitled “Elementary Hebrew.” For this reason I’ve only seen two episodes so far. Neither impressed me enough to take the bother to see the others.

It seems all that is left of the original series (as the Britisher star would refer to it) is an enhanced attempt to shock the viewer in one way or another. No, folks, the disgusting was not the only charm “House” originally held for the audience.
Now, it seems, House is portrayed as only a rather two-dimensional grumpus, while the staff is only interested in who is going to date whom. Boring.

Well, my class is on Holiday hiatus, and I am going to watch “House” tonight. I’ve allowed a big enough gap for it to march its way back to quality writing and character development in my absence.
I will be posting my impressions/opinions after the broadcast.

It is time to get well or keel over. Maybe this is why Mr. Laurie’s friends at the BBC seldom plan on more than one ‘series’ of a show…

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