Friday, November 18, 2005

A Legend is Lamed

I was supposed to be busy. I had work to do. I had stayed home from a trip to do this work. And things went haywire. So I… went to a movie.

The Mask of Zorro [1998] was a highly entertaining film. Anthony Hopkins, hero reduced to prisoner, escapes. He shall become Zorro once more! Only that would be a lot easier if his joints weren’t so darn stiff. So he trains a zealous (read: rash) young man to take his place. Can the wise old man make something truly significant out of this inconsequential but well-meaning bandit? The audience, of course, assumes immediately the answer is 'yes.' (They already knew they were here to see Antonio Banderas play the Z, right?) Old enemies, deadly mistakes, and a person at stake who is treasured by both foxes old and new.

So, how ’bouts a worthy sequel?

The Legend of Zorro [2005] is not a worthy sequel. A plot designed to interest a child of 8 plays out to tongue-in-cheek action that would only work if performed by Abbott and Costello. No suspense, no character development. Instead some tired inanities and a lot of flag-waving historical miss-mash designed to reflect current events.

By the time the DVD rolls out, even the elementary kids will be tired of the latest Zorro.

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