Saturday, November 26, 2005

Out of the Running

Two years back now, a girl made something of a case for Runaway Bride [1999] as the best chick-flick. It seemed ill-advisable to disagree with a girl (girls being, one would imagine, experts) on this particular subject, particularly as I had never bothered to watch the film in question. Even so, I felt fairly confident that You’ve Got Mail [1998], Sense and Sensibility [1995], or either Pride and Prejudice miniseries [1980 & 1995] would top it on any list I might create.

Today, having seen Runaway Bride, I confirm my suspicion. It pales in comparison to those well-adapted Austens and to that agreeable AOL-inspired romantic comedy.

But, while Runaway wouldn’t win any awards I might be asked to dispense, I certainly enjoyed the first half of it. Nothing great (and the second half dragged laboriously to this easily-bored male), but enough for an occasional grin (which is all the standard comedy can expect to receive from me).

I could not watch this movie, however, without drawing a few comparisons between Julia Robert’s character and a friend of mine. It was almost as though this friend was on the screen, trying to make life miserable for the Richard Gere dude. She, however, is much more stylish in apparel, make-up, and such than her fictitious equivalent (or is she simply haughtier?).

Also not as quiet, less of a smiler, and nowhere NEAR as sweet.

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