Saturday, December 31, 2005


In my last monstrous post, I made reference to something called “RCAs” without explanation. That explanation is appended here.

‘RCAs’ compromise a particular system of jacks and plugs that is particularly useful (if a bit crude and occasionally wobbly). They are sometimes referred to as ‘phonos,’ but you are probably most familiar to them under the name ‘A/Vs’ or simply ‘AVs.’ It stands for “audio/video,” as it is now standard procedure to plug camcorders and DVD players into televisions with these yellow, white, and red jacks and plugs.
In addition to being accustomed to referring to them as RCA jacks (named such for the estimable company that created them), I couldn’t well have called them A/V jacks as all I’m dealing with here is audio. I’d have had to call them simply A-jacks.

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