Monday, December 26, 2005

Greed ‘05: Above and Beyond

Deceptions of World War II - by William B. Breuer [2001]. I’ve only just begun, but this collection of seldom-publicized WWII fleeces is very interesting. Good old proper history. Who calls this stuff boring, again?

This was in addition to the requests granted and not, as it's a gifts that I hadn‘t requested at all. There were other such dark horses, as well. For instance, the cash. (Then again, I just might have dropped a monetary hint or two...) I got identical collections of greenbacks from three separate sources. I'm guessing a “gentleman’s agreement” was reached in there somewhere.

That’s not mentioning the very handsome pair of leather gloves I received, something I’ve always wanted but never asked for.

And my Complete Calvin and Hobbes was a great surprise, despite my having asked for it. I was kidding—it was part of the “extravagant, I'll never even see any of these” list I wrote out just for kicks. Well, ya never know, do you?

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