Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year’s... Eve

Well, here it is: a time for a new beginning. A place to start all over, forgetting past failures and readying oneself for a perfectly rosy life. Or so say all the overly sentimental, and the failures.
Actually, most of the failures spend the night soggying their livers and brain-cells out of operation.

I intend to partake of some Perrier. And no, despite what a certain friend thinks it really is just the best water in the world, not a French take on white lightning.

Currently playing is Live From Lincoln Center’s farewell to ‘05 featuring the highly enjoyable Romanian soprano Angela Gheorghiu. Unfortunately, I can’t listen to it over my new amplifier-to-speaker setup, as it’s too loud. I finished the amp off in every respect today, excepting a good volume control. Unfortunate.

And then, every year on this day the Internet Movie Database puts out is this poll asking for the best cinematic New Year’s Eve celebration. Every year they leave off what should be number one. This year they didn’t even put in the option of “other” (meaning to them, any film other than those listed, but to me a specific title). Yes, Made For Each Other [1939] holds my favorite New Year’s.

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