Thursday, December 08, 2005

It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

Yesterday was cold. It began at 40-something and steadily dropped throughout the day, finally resting at 20 degrees Fahrengraad. There was plenty of freezing rain (as I learned when I stepped outside and at once caught some in the eye), too. This morning I took some quite pretty photographs of the natural ice sculptures about. I might even be tempted to post one or two...

For tonight, one foreseer predicted a temperature of 12F. Wow.
Temps in the 70s are expected within a couple of days, though.

In other news…

I caught an episode of NBC’s “E-Ring” last night. The Christmas episode, naturally.
My summary: Boy, does this show want to be “JAG.
And I would have to say it does a pretty good job of emulating most of that show’s flaws from it’s last few (fallen) seasons.


Today I put together a new ensemble, fashioned around my new gray sport coat.
Gray. Just call me Gregory Peck. No problem. But you don’t have to try this.

More seriously, the jacket is part of an inheritance (graciously granted me by other survivors) of clothes after my maternal Granddaddy’s recent departure. I wear it in his honor. In that vein I will be wearing the tie-clip I wore to his funeral and, for the first time in 2005 (and probably sometime before that) I will don a white dress shirt.

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