Friday, December 09, 2005


All day yester I had unreasonable pain/burning/etc emanating from my left side, particularly the forearm, along the major neuro-pathways. This was followed, late last night, by more fever symptons.

It's bad enough today that I have (between all those things that one does due to the nature of illness) sat and watched almost four hours of DVDs. Kojak and Batman for starters.

But also on the list was “You've Got Mail.” It reminded me of the first time I saw, which happened to be the first time I ever watched a DVD and at which time I happened also to be fairly sick. Also brought to mind was the first time I listened to it on stereo monitors while watching it on a mono TV, an experience I repeated this time through.

“You've Got Mail” has some of the best sound design/editing I've ever heard. The delicate tones of the shopping cart in ZABAR'S, the cut facilitated by Birdie's sandwich bite becoming a paper sack in Kathleen's kitchen. Great stuff.

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