Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Job Worth Doing

I’ve cracked the volume control problem on my new amplifier, effectively rendering it entirely finished. Actually, I had finished it at my last posting—just hadn’t realized it. The solution was quite simply to input only from headphone jacks built into other items. In this way, rather than going direct to the amp from a DVD player’s RCA mounts, the RCAs force the signal into the television set which spits it out at the one-eighth inch jack, which is connected to my custom-built (heh) amp’s input.
Actually, the approach is pretty much a “duh.” I’m disgusted I hadn’t thought of it sooner.

The amplifier will be perpetually set at it’s lowest output volume (plenty loud enough, I assure you) and amplitude will be closely regulated through the volume control on whatever (usually the TV, but sometimes a cassette deck, etc.) is outputting to it. Another nice feature is that by using the television, the volume can be varied by way of a standard IR remote.

I calibrated my balance control (a very necessary feature, but which should be a virtual one-time adjustment) listening to snippets of You’ve Got Mail before watching for the first time The Caine Mutiny [1954]. Expect a post on it soon.

Currently members of my family are gathered in the living room watching a Walter Cronkite-hosted New Year’s celebration. It consist of very nice classical performed by the Wiener Philharmoniker (Viennese Philharmonic). They are, of course, listening to it over my amplifier and speakers—and for the first time to the full degree. For I effected the crossover to the right-hand tweeter (via a 99 cent electrolytic capacitor) 8 minutes into the program.

Yes, my own—my very own—amplifier is performing beautifully. Actual price? Precisely the $2.99 plus tax it cost me to buy a plate of four RCA jacks.
Ahhh… the bliss of miserdom.

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