Thursday, January 26, 2006

Reflections on the Fall

There are some jokes about the original sin that keep popping up. “First thing I do when I get to heaven: I’m gonna sock Adam right in the face.” That one I picked up at age seven in a copy of “The Reader’s Digest” and immediately adopted.
Another, less insightful crack laments Adam’s complicity in biting the fruit, for if Eve (who is assumed to have started this) alone had sinned men would have it O.K. these days and only women would be jerks. Or have to deal with an unfriendly afterlife.

That latter joke is an example of heavy-handed chauvinism in humor. It’s supposed to be funny for that very ludicrous ideology of sexism. It was never very funny in the first place, but it loses all humor once one has heard some idiot proclaim it as ‘fact.’

The truth of the matter is that Adam (male-kind) had messed it all up long before Eve’s (female-kind) teeth ever touched the forbidden produce.
[Genesis 3:6} “[Eve] took the fruit and ate; and she gave also to her husband [who was] with her, and he ate.” Who was with her. The guy’s just standing there, letting this talking reptile convince his wife to do the one thing they are never to do. Did the wuss even bother to open his mouth?? Even more damning to our most fore father:
[I Timothy 2:14} “Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression.” What kind of defense does Adam have left? He didn’t even fall for it and he just apathetically let’s all this stuff go on. Despicable.

One could well make the argument that the very first human sin was not Eve’s ill-advised nibble, but Adam’s disgusting inaction.

Woman is in place to keep man from destroying himself, and man’s purpose is to keep outside forces from destroying woman. It is a beautiful example of symbiosis, largely erected over the ruins of their very failure that made the need so large.

Sad, eh?

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