Friday, January 13, 2006

Watchful Eye

The Premise: Due to the current predisposition toward conviction and the existence of dirty cops, innocent people are sitting out life in America’s prisons. (O.K, so that part’s just fact. And the show hasn’t said anything about predisposition to convict.)
The heroes set free the wrongfully convicted one poor soul at a time, led by an ex-cop with a stinging conscience and a lawyer who wants to make a splash.
The attorney figures growing publicity about innocents behind bars will make the Attorney General look uncaring and bring a shot at the office to himself. But don’t worry, the touching nature of the job is clearly going to sprout better motives in his calculating heart.

The Slot: Fridays 9/8c on ABC

The Title: In Justice

O.K, I’ve watched the first two shows. Tonight’s improved greatly on last week’s, er, jumble, bringing it up to even standing with all the other ‘mystery’ shows on TV in terms of writing quality. Is that good enough? No. But the show is trending upward.

In terms of premise… I quite like the idea of a show about innocence. It’s a good change.
So sick I am of seeing a “public servant” portrayed as the “good guy” for deciding on a hunch to ruin some guy’s life.
You know why so many shows let you see exactly what happened from the beginning? Who did it, how, etc. Because that way they don’t have to prove anything. The viewer knows who the bad guy is, so the viewer doesn’t have to question anything when the “hero” goes after that individual on flimsy or imaginary evidence.

There are other pluses in this series, such as the attempts at making the investigation’s realistic. None of the non-existent technologies of “CSI” (and everything else). An almost-right restricted office setup. Etcetera.

It needs to develop itself further in numerous areas, and lose some of the emotional glitter in addition to what people seem to consider “clever.” But it has a lot of potential to do just that, so I’m giving it a tentative recommendation. I really have high hopes here (as television hopes go for me any more).

But I think what is most impressive to me about is what follows:
In tonight’s episode, the initial defense case relied heavily on allegations that the arresting officer was prejudiced. “That, that racist cop!” is shouted by the defense several times. The former police officer on the team (Jason O'Mara of “Band of Brothers,” “Monarch of the Glen,” and “The Agency”) doesn’t buy it.

Ex-Cop: “This cop is not a racist. You‘re just trying to win votes by playing the ‘race’ card.”
Lawyer: “Did you read these depositions, Charlie?”
Ex-Cop: “Yes I did. And I can make Mother Theresa look like a racist with questions like those.”

Presumption of Innocence. ‘Nuff said.

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