Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

(“and you know that can’t be bad”)

Yes, I must say the conclusion to The Big Game was exciting. I should know—that’s all I watched of it. (Unlike my sibling in the next room who watched the monster’s entirety, giving appropriately enthused advice to the crucial pawns.)

To be honest, though… Yes, the finale was all I watched of the game, but at half-time I did manage to catch a pseudo-orange marching band perform “She Loves You.” And I can’t get it (the real song) out of my head.

It was a good minute-and-a-half of play time, though. Quite fun. But that’s where I differ with the vast majority of my potato-chip-eating, hot-dog-grilling, beer-glugging fellow males. (O.K, I abstain from potato chips and beer, too.)
I fail to find a point in watching four quarters of a football game when I can get similar excitement watching the concluding moments without the boring stuff preceding them. It’s just bald-faced inefficiency.

Yes, one may argue that many ends are not so glamorous, consisting as they do of extensively-spaced scores, weasely punts, or just plain letting the clock run out (‘cause the leader holds the glorified jug of air).
But I say in that situation, why sit for hours of a bad game when you can sit for just minutes of the same bad game?

Efficiency. That’s what it’s all about.

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