Saturday, February 25, 2006

BeWere the Rabbit

Last year, I was disappointed to miss the “Curse of the Were-Rabbit” theater run. I did not, however, miss the DVD release. On the Tuesday it came out I picked it up in the evening and watched it in the night (in lieu of sleeping).

Some fantastic stuff. Nowhere near as good as “The Wrong Trousers,” but I’d say a deal better than the rest of W&G’s pleasant filmography.

“Were-Rabbit” does a fine job setting up with the horror genre, and an even better job with the sub-genre of ‘creature’ flicks. Simply smashing in the realm of spoof.
Personally, though, my favorite bits are of Gromit as an Indiana Jones -esque pest-controller, complete with perfectly sync-ed soundtrack. Not to be missed.

But despite all its strengths, it just didn’t feel as cohesive as the true greats (such as “Wrong Trousers” or big-screen rival “Chicken Run”).
Certain components are as refined as high-carbon steel, but these seem to be cobbled together with other pieces for a less stable project overall.
Having watched most of the bonus features, this heterogeneous texture makes sense—for if there was ever a film that came out of disjointed brainstorming, this is it. Not that that is a bad thing in itself.
But to most of the cuts and alterations made during pre- through post- production (as admitted to on the disc) this viewer can say ‘good-bye’ with a touch of relief.

Really, there’s a good look at the screwball mania that goes on in the offices of this set of ‘film-making’ chaps.
The DVD’s ‘features’ section could be considered a pleasant window into that madcap process by which genius is mined from insanity.

But, as with any such process, there were a few of the finest gems left sadly untouched.
The saddest of all being probably a lack of genesis on the brain-washing-machine.
The thought of seeing it arrive in a crate of surplus covertly relocated at the reduction of the USSR… But how did it keep the snow on top from melting? Must be one of those state secrets.

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