Thursday, February 02, 2006

Groundhog Day

This is Stovepipe. Will he see his shadow for the shades?

O.K, so he’s not technically a groundhog, just the closest thing I could find.
Very closely related, however, as the groundhog (or woodchuck) is a marmot and Stovepipe is a wolverine-marmot hybrid equipped with cybernetic intelligence.

Yup, that’s right.
And it is only appropriate that he be featured here today as he is also, by the road, the original zoological refugee of this blog’s subtitle and address. Mm-hmm, on 13 August, 2004 (a Friday) my friend Stovepipe here brilliantly escaped from the local zoo, beginning a journey of self-discovery and inspiring a great url.

Investigative journalist, keen observer of these simple organisms known as “humans,” one-time freedom-fighter for canines imprisoned in “pounds” (until they proved to be, if possible, less intelligent than people), and (ultimately) the product of a clandestine government engineering project (kinda like that Spielberg-rip-off on NBC), Stovepipe is an all-around fantastic dude who resides in the apartment complex of the local state university.

And he has long been a good friend of mine, so let us on this his (sort of) day, remember his immutable contributions to our world.

It should also be noted that some of Stovepipe’s pursuits were inspired by a suggestion made to Stupid Penguin, a legless flamingo of mysterious origin who resides at a different campus, that of LeTourneau U.

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