Friday, February 24, 2006

the Pasta Confrontation

I have made here a couple of posts extolling the virtues of Bill Watterson’s magnificent “Calvin and Hobbes” series of comic strips. I have since been linked to many times on related searches from Google, MSN, et cetera. The conclusion? The search engines aren’t coughing up enough Calvin and Hobbes sites.

Really, someone should fix that. What is the internet without a place for plenty of Calvin and Hobbes?

In with the simple searches for C&H material (such as “Calvin and Hobbes” or “tiger Hobbes”) are the more interesting ones. “Calvin grumpy face” (not be confused with “grumpy face tiger,” an earlier search that made it onto my sidebar) was a good one, and one well suited to my initial piece.

Well, today the “Spaghetti Incident calvin and hobbes” search is explained. (It actually came in more than once, with slightly different wording.) In volume two of my COMPLETE Calvin and Hobbes” I see the strip from 12 December, 1990.
Calvin has just boxed and mailed his wish list to the Christmas bouncer (known politely as “Santa,” a very different entity from the Easter bouncer), and is complaining that his order “had better” be filled in full.

“I’ve been extremely good all year!”

And then an overly innocent tiger submits this:
What about the noodle incident?


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