Thursday, February 23, 2006


It’s been a full ten days since I last posted here. Ouch.
And prior to that post is a gap of nine days.

Where’ve I been??

Lots of places, doing lots of things. Projects for me, projects for others, lying sick in bed…
Yeah, that ‘sick in bed’ part was a fun week.

I am now back in health, but hardly in the same shape I had been before. So I’m building myself back up. Over the past three days (four, if today is included) I’ve been running a mile a day. The state that results in me after each mile only proves that being sick took a lot out of me.

But I do have the excuse of running over very uneven terrain… largely uphill. It’s a lot easier to push yourself on a sidewalk. And I have learned a secret…

Running is much better physically if one looks straight ahead. Watching as objects in the distance come flying at you gives you a bit of a boost. A large boost, actually.
On the rocky, rising, brush-filled and log-strewn path that I’m taking, it’s only natural to keep a watch over what one may be about to trip over (not to mention a natural woodcraft tendency to run silently by avoiding dry twigs), but it does slow one down.

When I can run three miles a day over rough ground, with no adverse effects or slowing of pace, I’ll be satisfied. Maybe.

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