Sunday, August 06, 2006

“Must like… lots of $$”

No, I did not make this up.

Please tell me that “Company vehicle” means VW van.

[This newspaper] makes every effort to publish only bona fide job listings. Please be sure to read ads carefully. If you encounter a problem, send e-mail to [employee]@[paper].com.
Must like loud music, lots of $$ and rockin’ attitude.
Company vehicle.
Call [name] at [number]


1600 W. 12th said...

I saw that ad in a Denver paper a month or more ago but it looked different. Its cool though.

-The Avalanche Fan

M. Randolph said...

Found it! Thanks for the tip, by the way.

From what I can tell, the Denver advert had existed for approximately four months when my clipping surfaced a thousand miles away. The ad is slightly different on your end, though. It reads:

Must like loud music. Company Vehicle
$800-$1200 wk.
Call [name] [number]

As you can see, some text was added when it ran in my district. Also: max pay was upped by 3 C’s and the name was changed, as was the number.

When I saw that the Denver number was a local Sprint cell (meaning it could have been taken out by anybody anywhere), I dug the number here up and ran it through. I figured it might be also a cellular, probably with the same outfit, which might have indicated that it could be a one-person scam.

But no. The number here is a landline. So, for all I know, it’s just some rather unorthodox franchise.