Monday, November 13, 2006

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s pretty stupid.”

I have just watched the 1994 film Stargate starring Kurt Russell and James Spader. It was lent by a friend who recommended it as something akin to camp... He may have mentioned something about Indiana Jones films being history texts beside it.

Let me just say that James Spader is the one good thing about the movie. (Well, O.K, his off-world expatriate bride is kinda cute, if that qualifies as a good thing.) That in mind, the movie is over at the twenty-one minute mark when the air force guy punches the button that raises the wall that reveals... you know, all that other stuff.

The real reason for a post here, though, is the soundtrack. The review states that “the style is definitely in the tradition of John Williams” but in the remainder of the sentence states that not “one single note” is copied from any genre soundtrack.
One thing is for sure: the score is excellent. How could it not be? For to my ears (and it should be noted that I am no music expert), the track sounds not influenced by John Williams, sounds not rearranged from John Williams, it sounds just like John Williams. To be more specific, the score (with one 60-second exception, and maybe a few more I didn’t catch) is indistinguishable from the actual recordings used in the Indiana Jones trilogy!! Seriously.

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