Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sixty-five Years Today

It is 2:25 in the afternoon and the radio is tuned in to the big ball game. It‘s being broadcast by 710 AM WOR and aired over Mutual, the network of confederated radio stations created by the Lone Ranger.
The Brooklyn Dodgers are at the New York Giants today.

It’s still going! He’s up to the 25… And it hits hard on the 27-yard line! Bruiser Kinard made the pass

Ward Cuff has returned the Dodgers kickoff when, just as the minute hand slides past the 25-mark and into 2:26, announcer Len Sterling breaks in with what went out over the wire barely two minutes earlier.

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you this important bulletin from the United Press:
"Flash, WASHINGTON—— The White House announces Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor."
Stay tuned to WOR for further developments to be broadcast as received.

This was the first that any mainland American public heard of the blasts that would lead the U.S. into the “War in Europe.”

[Rerun from last year.]

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