Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pardon the Brains Dribbling Out My Ear

I'd been told about it. I'm not sure I believed it. But today, today I am no longer the ignorant child I was. For today I have seen. Seen, I tell you!

Yes, I have now witnessed the Star Wars Holiday Special!! I may wear an "I survived the SWHS" t-shirt for Life Day this year.

O.K, so maybe seeing Itchy and Lumpy filled with cheer at the sight of Chewbacca and Han isn't quite the same as seeing Bigfoot anymore (however uncanny the resemblance), now that folk can apparently watch the whole show over the Internet. (I did it the old-fashioned way myself; the only film I ever watched online was His Girl Friday [1940]) But, for those of you wondering if it's really as bad as you've heard I'll just say that yes, it truly is almost as bad as Episode III.

I mean, come on! Hamill, Ford, Fisher, Daniels, Mayhew, and Jones can be bothered for this, but only two show up for NPR's (superb) series? The great Jones took thirty seconds out of a busy schedule for this schlock?

Oh, well, wish me luck. I'm about to try getting back out of Mr. Lucas' vault, and I anticipate much more trouble than TheLoneOperative had smuggling me in.

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M. Randolph said...

Just thought I’d give you all an Update now that I’m safely back on the outside. And how good it feels to know that Marin County is behind me! (Special thanks go to LoneOp for his prepared exit strategy—though he could have been kind enough to let me in on it.)

And, now that I have a few more moments to share with my readers, I’d like to say a few words about Carrie Fisher’s rendition of the “Life Day Theme.” Contrary to popular reports, she did not sing it off key at all, it’s just that the song’s tune is more “Born Free” with a vague “Star Wars Theme” underlay than it is straight “Star Wars Theme” music. Absolutely horrid song, though. She had her reasons to deny any involvement in the program.

I will also be taking this opportunity to petition JawaMart and Interstellar Ltd to cease their support of Life Day, that divisive “holy day” with its blatant hate message toward droids. Why, you evil corporate entities you, must your greeters be paid to spread the offensive language of “Happy Life Day!”? If you must recognize the day at all, why not change it to something nice like “Happy Existence Day” or “Happy Harmony Day”? You could even keep the song more or less intact with that last one.