Saturday, July 26, 2008

"New Wave Chess"

As editor of a weekly newspaper, I receive a great deal of email every day. Some of it is from advertisers. But most of it is from a) people who have been referred by public relations firms or b) public relations firms themselves.

Sometimes, I get something too good not to share. When I first read the below, it was difficult to grasp just what was going on. Or, rather, it was easy to grasp what was going on, just nearly impossible to believe that I was grasping it correctly.

Continue at the risk of suffoco risi, asphyxiation by laughter.

Chess Reinvented - "New Wave Chess"-Play Upside Down, Frisbee board- pieces never move

Chess Reinvented- World's lightest set of recycled board for only $11.99

Play New Wave Chess upside-down, in a windstorm, lightest, strongest, most affordable 3D chess/checkers set ever

Amazingly simple system exploits holding power, economy of corrugated board

NEW YORK NY July 21 - Daniel Young, a New York-based inventor/designer, for Paradoxy Products discovered that simply by cutting slits into the fluting of corrugated board he could harness its' extraordinary capacity to hold and release inserted flat objects, like chess or checkers pieces. Young 's first invention, New Wave Chess (patent pending), can practically be played in a hurricane without the pieces leaving position.

Xtreme Chess - Frisbee the board, please Welcome to the world of extreme chess, where players can literally Frisbee the 3-ounce New Wave Chess game board across the room. "Needless to say, it will be perfect for playing chess in space or on Mars," says Young.

"Slitting transforms ordinary corrugated board into a highly economical medium for game play and displays," says Young. "Flat, die- cut plastic pieces can be held in an upright position on a board, producing a three-dimensional effect extremely inexpensively."

New Wave Chess is designed to retail for $11.99 (+ $2.76 USPS First Class), including Checkers on the reverse. Another inventive feature transforms every checker piece into a king. New Wave Chess comes with a carrying case and pouches for the pieces.

The innovative board has tremendous holding power. Young typically demonstrates the grip of the invention by holding the checkerboard upside down and shaking it without a single piece moving from its place.

In his forthcoming book, Becoming a Design Entrepreneur ⁄ (Rockport Press, fall 08), design guru Stephen Heller calls New Wave Chess "delightful." Daniel Young says, "This is the most important advance in chess design since Josef Hartwig's Bauhaus chess set."

Not since Bauhaus woodworking master Josef Hartwig shook the design world with his chess set has a design elicited the excitement of Daniel Young 's New Wave Chess & Checkers.

Hartwig's innovation was in showing how the chess pieces moved by designing clues in their shape. Young's broader innovation lies in finding a way for flat pieces to stand up on the playing surface with amazing tenacity, yet they can be moved at will.

Young's clever use of corrugated board and die-cut plastic allows him to sell New Wave Chess to be sold at an amazingly low price even though it outperforms any other chess board on the market. The pieces cannot be shaken or blown out. You have to try it to believe it.


M. Randolph said...

The whole shebang, by the way, was preceded by these words:

"Dear Editor
If you require a review set, please send me your mailing address."

Wilson said...

Please tell me you took them up on the offer.

M. Randolph said...

Not yet, anyway. Thought about it, though.