Monday, January 11, 2010

Crying for a Charge

My cell phone's all wet
It won't give me any peace
It cries out in the night
It could break any lease

My cell phone's adept
At waiting just the right time
To let loose again
With that noise that's a crime

Can I help it that I
Am a klutz and a goof
The charger ran off
Disappeared with a poof

Now my phone don't have long
Left for this earth
It's gonna run out
Electrons are its curse

I know I could hold
The little button of red
To silence the cries
For help that I dread

But how can I kill
My microwave friend
A treasured companion
With my own bloody hand

I can tell that my cell
Is getting farther along
The cries are now forming
A new faster-paced song

Now my phone is all done
With that awful alarm
It's cried its last cry
It done bought the farm

So I'm cut off like dead
From all of my friends
No texts can I get
This is how it all ends

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