Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Down from the Bottom

Honey, I'm home
It's been a pretty rough day
I just want to rest
And drink it all away

Sorry my feet smell
But I gotta take these off
Been sitting at work
Sweating into my socks

I'm not into dinner
I can't really eat now
My stomach's still churning
It's no time to chow

My job kind of does that
It's worse than any other thing
At least when I washed cars
I'd come home feeling clean

I finished off the Jameson?
How 'bout some Tullamore Dew?
You know I can't just—
We're out of that, too?

Then some Jim Beam rye
No, I don't need a glass
I didn't even drink this much
When I scraped by stealing gas

Or when I was a hit man
I was such a violent fool
Looking for a way out but
At least my clothes were cool

Or my first high school job
At least I was doing good
Enforcing's bloody work
But they had it comin' in that hood

When I did telemarketing
I lied less than now
And to keep 'em on the line
At least it took know-how

Now I'm just one of the pushers
With junk that's gone stale
And no willin' customers
I can't live in this hell

At least when I sold crack
My associates were fun
The boss was less of a joke
Though he did play with guns

My year teaching kindergarten
Doesn't look so bad now
The conversation was smarter
And the yelling wasn't as loud

When I sent out normal spam
At least I provided something real
People got good mileage
From all those blue pills

Now the evil's all dressed up
With high-handed incantations
I never should have gone
Into public relations

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