Monday, January 18, 2010

Fire Team

Sand and rocks and
Buildings colored dun
Dust floats and it's all
Blown out by the sun

Johnny Walker up front
Ready riding point
His hand shakes on the rifle
His lips yearn for a joint

His mind isn't here
It’s back in LA
His eyes aren't on
What the rest of us see

He's looking at Jenny
From toe to top
He sees her keep dancing
When the music's stopped

Johnny Walker, he's the Ready
He drinks Scotch and rye
Hymn Book, he's the Team
He's a preacher's boy and dry

Queen, he brings the Fire
Brit rock makes his day
Me, well, I'm Assist
There's not much more to say

We swig water and hump
Life-giving packs
So heavy that they're
Slowly breaking our backs

We trudge and we watch
And sometimes we rush
Running two-by-two
We cuss and don't blush

Doing tasks that elsewhere
Would get us locked up in state
Flashing muzzles, itchy fingers
Loaded up with hate

Johnny Walker should be seeing
Ready, he's our eyes
But memories and worries
Work to paralyze

He saw her dancing on a table
Loud and happy from beer
He picked her just before he came
All the way to here

She's back at the club
Prob'ly still puts on a show
The features he liked before
Are what now worry him so

Does she make eyes as she did
Does she still wretch to stay small
Is she wearing his ring
Or anything at all

As the question hits
His face is grim and dim
Do Dos Equis get for other guys
What they did for him

When we're back in the Green
We cuss him out
Johnny Walker asleep
Could get us gunned down

Besides does he have
Any room to fret
Has being unfaithful
Ever made him regret?

When has he ever
Taken girls one at a time
The more dates in a day
The more chances to shine

This one's different, he says,
I'll give her my name
To you she's different, we say,
But to her you’re a game

It's a shame that he knows it
It's a risk to his health
But he's fallen too hard
For someone too like himself

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